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Visa Processing

Visa Processing & Guidance

   How do we help?

Avoiding Mistakes

Even a minuscule, insignificant mistake can result in Visa rejection,we give

attention to every detail as we know very rarely a student receives the

opportunity to correct the error

Planning Financials

Visa applications require the student to show that they have adequate funds to support themselves,

we guide in calculating funds in foreign exchange& make sure to reach the minimum threshold

Document Verification

We verify & assist students in Attestation/Apostille of Documents and

Implementation of the right practice as per the visa guidelines set by

respective countries

Choosing the right Visa

Immigration Laws are complex & confusing, Many Countries have different categories of

Visa with slightly different roles & eligibility criteria,so

we help you find the right one.

Mock Interviews

The students are asked tough questions by the Interviewer to study &understand

their notion while looking for any sign of doubt or lie.

So we train students to built confidence & give honest answers promptly

Meeting the Requirements

Universities usually have different entry requirements, a basic set of

qualifications that all students have to meet before starting a degree.

we aid students to have complete & accurate documents